Summer Hair Care

After a long, long (did we mention long?) cold winter, it is so wonderful to wake up to longer days, outdoor barbecues, weddings, proms and all the great things the warmer weather brings!

One thing we don’t love so much is the damage that the sun does to color treated hair, or any hair for that matter!  The beach, salt, sun is great for the soul but not so much for the locks!  Our advise, talk to your stylist and see what product or products he or she suggests based on your individual needs.

We love Kerastase hair products, and for good reason.  They work!  They also have a whole line of products made for every hair problem out there.  Dry hair, over-processed hair, colored hair and other hair 911’s can be addressed with excellent, high quality hair care products such as Kerastase.

Summer Hair Tips:

  • Wear a hat or stay under an umbrella at the beach or anywhere you will be in the sun for more than a few minutes.
  • After a day in the sun and salt water be sure to rinse hair and condition it.
  • Never leave chlorine in hair, as it will dry it and turn blondes a very unflattering shade!
  • Deep condition hair as needed.
  • Ask your colorist to try Kerastase Fusio Dose which is designed specifically for your hair needs.
  • A glaze is a great way to add shine.  Ask your stylist/colorist.
  • Fight frizz with a Keratin Treatment or one of our favorite Kerastase products!

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