Tips on Caring for Your New Eyelash Extensions

Take care of your beautiful eyelash extensions with these tips from our pros.   These tips make all the difference in helping your own lashes to remain healthy and strong, and in keeping your new lash extensions from prematurely falling out.

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7 Tips For Beautiful Nails

Our hands are on display everyday for the world to see.  We eat with them, write with them, work with them, and do so many other things with them. It is important to take good care of them, and that also includes your nails. Your hands and nails need hydration and moisture just like your face and the rest of your body does.  We tend to not pay as much attention to caring for them, but they are (other than the eyes) one of the first places we see the first signs of aging.  What can you do to better care for them?  Here are 7 tips for beautiful nails —

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Mind Your Cuticles:  Your cuticles are important, as they function to protect your nails from bacteria so gently push them back.  Only cut hanging cuticles and be careful not to over-snip!  Use an exfoliating cuticle treatment and massage a good cuticle oil in to hydrate for smoother, softer cuticles.

Supplement:  Adding a supplement like biotin to your daily routine will strengthen nails (and hair too!), but always check with your doctor first.

Eat Healthy:  Stock that fridge and pantry with foods rich in protein and vitamin E.  Both are great for nails.  Protein rich foods include meat, fish, cheeses and eggs.  Foods high in vitamin E include almonds, wheat germ, avocados and dark leafy greens, just to name a few.

Hydrate:  Just like your skin needs hydration, your nails do too.  Drink plenty of water each day.  If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a squeeze of lemon.

Regular Manicures:  Professional manicures are not only great for your nails but are relaxing too!  When someone is working on your nails you can’t be texting or using technology, so it’s a good time to just decompress and chill out!

Protect:  Protect your nails by wearing gloves while doing dishes or other housework that requires using detergents or harsh house cleaning products.  Also, never use your nails as tools to pry things open, etc..

Keep an Emery Board in Your Bag:  Toss an emery board in your handbag (or wallet, if you change handbags often) so you always have one, in case you need to file a nail on the go.

Try these simple tips for nails to envy!

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