Summer Beauty to Turn Heads This Season

Happy First Day of Summer!!  We are so excited to be officially starting a new season filled with warmth, sunshine, cookouts, and all summer brings with it!

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A new season always has us eager for change, be it a new summer hairstyle, a slick keratin treatment, a lighter hair color with the use of balayage, brighter makeup, or even a healthy, sexy, glowing tan (yes, ours is healthy!)

Here is our list of summertime beauty must-haves for enviable hair, skin and secrets to “how does she look that good?”

Get Glowing

No secret here!  A tan makes you look better, feel sexier, look slimmer and allows for less or no makeup at all!  We have an organic, streak-free, non-sticky, odorless spray tan that looks like you spend a weekend at the beach!  All with not an ounce of harmful sun touching your skin.

Meet Kat from Coco Glow!  Kat is our in-house “glow to” girl for an amazing tan!  The products she uses are organic and natural, contain no oil, are fragrance free, water based and are fast drying with no harsh dyes or chemicals.  You’ll never look “orangey” or feel sticky.

Start summer off with a glow, knowing you’re doing your skin good!


Kat, our spray tan artist who will leave you with a gorgeous tan!

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Now that’s enviable!

Lighten Up

Balayage……Also known as hair painting is another way to lighten up those locks for summer instead of the traditional foils you may be used to. If you haven’t tried balayage, maybe it’s time for a bit of a change!?  Talk to your colorist!  If you haven’t ever had any kind of highlights, try a bit of balayage and lighten up this summer!  The amazing results below were done by Natalya, one of our many talented team members!

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.17.52 PM
Balayage (also known as hair painting)

No More Mascara

Toss the mascara away!  The lash doctor is here!  Okay, she isn’t a lash doctor, but she is the most amazing lash extension pro you will ever know!  Dee Stefanou has become a very wanted woman!  She is in demand every single day she is in (which is 6 to 7 days a week!), but you won’t likely catch a glimpse of her, because she is locked away creating some of the most gorgeous, eye framing, luscious lashes your eyes will ever see!  Enjoy a summer full of no smears or smudges!  Wake up with stunning eyelashes you’ll go “batty” for!  No mascara = life changing beauty!

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.28.04 AM
You will LOVE your lashes this summer! No more mascara, and they’ll be wondering, “how does she look so darn good?”

Toss the Brow Pencil

When Anna is in town you had better call early for your appointment because she is only here a mere 3 to 4 days a month, creating an instantly booked schedule the moment we announce she’s coming in!  Well known and loved for her facials, she also has become known for her Microblading!  Microblading is perfect if you have sparse brows and are tired of filling them in every day with a pencil.  No more runny brows when the weather turns hot and humid!  One appointment to consult with Anna, a second for the procedure ( where tiny brush like strokes with a sterile instrument with dye create semi-permanent tattoo-like hairs that look unbelievably realistic!),  and a third follow up procedure to fine-tune your new brows!  Voila!  Brows everyone will envy!

Perfect Eyebrows Before After. Two photos of eyes, eyebrows before & after correction. care and review of the eyes, light brown coloring, natural, perfect shape, procedure. Care, thin out, pull out.


Book your appointment for FRIZZ FREE hair this summer!  Sleek, beautiful hair can be yours!  Yes, there is a way to tame the frizzies and lay claim to shiny, enviable locks with our Keratin Treatment.  Schedule an appointment and love your hair this summer!

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Nail It

Nails, both hands and toes are on display all summer so why not make sure they look their best? 

Rough, callous feet from the cold, dry winter months need some tender loving care, and our team of pros will have your feet baby soft and ready to show off in those new pair of sandals! 

We use our hands or everything so they need some TLC too!  Schedule weekly manicures to keep cuticles, skin and nails in tip top shape. Try a beautiful Gel Manicure for color and shine that lasts!  Break out of the plain nail color rut this season and go for something new and unexpected like a beautiful marine blue or shimmering lilac!

Hand with manicure holding a bouquet of blue flowers on a white background.
Summer is the time to go with fun bright colors or beautiful pastels. White is still very hot, and the classic French manicure is always a sure bet!

Summer Skin & De-Stress

You cannot underestimate the wonders of a relaxing massage.  It can take your tied up, knotted muscles that have been tensed from stress and make you feel like a new person!  Stress is bad.  We all know that it is imperative to your health to make time to unwind and let all the tension melt away.  Part of looking beautiful is feeling beautiful.  Stress can affect the way you look, the state of your skin and more, so it is really something very good you are doing for your body. 

On the subject of skin, let’s not forget that the needs of your skin change during the summer so make an appointment for a facial and have one of our estheticians go over a summer skin care routine with you.  We have only the best in skin care with lines like Sothys, SkinCeuticals, and Environ who provide products to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and protect.

And what could be better than getting together with a friend to get a massage or facial together and than having a healthy spa lunch on us?  It’s a wonderful special that you can book by giving us a call!

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We look forward to seeing you this summer for all your beauty needs!  Have a wonderful summer!  See you soon!  xo Dee, Andrew and our talented team!










Introducing Our New Organic Spray Tan!

We are proud to introduce to you our new organic spray tan, Coco Glow! This unique spray tan formula is organic, odorless, and will never leave you with the dreaded orange look!  You will be left with a beautiful tan that will last 10 to 14 days, all without any harmful rays from the sun!

Whether you are just looking for a tanned glow for everyday, or you have a trip planned to a tropical location (lucky you!), a spray tan will have you looking and feeling more confident and sexy!  We also love that a tan can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, spider veins and cellulite, not to mention making you look thinner (we LOVE that!).

Things to know:

  • Shower, exfoliate and shave prior to tanning appointment.
  • No moisturizing soap, oils or lotions prior which will interfere with your spray tan.
  • Wear dark, loose clothing and bring flip flops.
  • Get your mani/pedi prior to your spray tan.
  • Total time for spray tan application, approximately 20 minutes.
  • Do not use anything oil based or exfoliate skin afterwards.

What to do now?  Call us and book your appointment, and get ready to look like you just returned from a tropical vacation! (203)656-5656.

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For a list of services and prices, please click here!

Beat The Winter Blues With Our Organic Spray Tan

We are smack in the middle of February, and Spring seems too far away!  If you are fortunate enough to be taking a mid-winter getaway to a beautiful warm weather destination with sunny skies, warm temps and gorgeous blue water, then lucky you! You may be feeling self conscious about donning a bathing suit, feeling a bit pasty and white (if you are jetting off somewhere!).  We don’t blame you!  A subtle golden tan with glowing moisturized skin makes everyone feel more confident!  However, even if you are not jetting off to some exotic location, your skin by this time of year is dry and parched, and any color from tanning has long faded!


We all know that actually sitting out in the sun to tan is not healthy for your skin, as it causes wrinkles and dries out skin, not to mention the possibility of getting a bad sunburn or worse, skin cancer!  So what to do?  We have the answer …….. Our Organic Spray Tan!

With our organic tan, wrinkles and other skin problems look better.  Why?  Because our spray tanning binds the moisture in the skin and repairs skin cells that have been damaged by previous sun rays.  Our organic spray tanning is made up or 100% natural ingredients.  This means no parabens, synthetic colours, alcohol, oil, perfume or odor (it is also gluten free and hypoallergenic!)  Our spray tan is vegan as well so all you come out with is beautiful natural color without any harmful UV rays!



  1. Call and make your appointment!  We are offering 20% off your first Organic Spray Tan (we know you’ll love it!).
  2. We encourage you to exfoliate your skin.  We offer that in our spa for a charge of $10.  You are welcome to do it at home, but please do not use anything that is oily.
  3. Arrive at your appointment with an extra pair of loose fitting clothing, no bra and nothing white (this is to go home in).
  4. We ask that you do NOT wear makeup, no deodorant and no moisturizer. These things can affect the outcome of your spray tan.  You can always put deodorant on afterwards.


  • Please arrive on time for your appointment so we can get you situated and ready for your summer glow!
  • First, you will be exfoliated with a scrub made from crushed pecan shells and Vitamins E and A, which removes dead skin for a perfect glow and reveals fresh new skin cells.  Exfoliation ensures an even glow!
  • You will be given a disposable bikini on bottom (for men).  Ladies you can bring your own suit or use the disposables bikini top and bottoms we offer here at the spa.
  • You will then enter a room with an open black booth where you will stand so you can receive a perfect, seamless tan.  Our professional, Zeenat will spray on your tan by hand, which takes about 15 minutes.
  • Once done, you can get dressed in your comfortable clothes.  Then all you have to do is wait to see your tan glow slowly evolve into a gorgeous “beach girl” look.


  1.  To prolong your tan use a moisturizer DHA infused which will make your tan last longer and help it to fade evenly.
  2. We recommend NOT using exfoliators in between your tan, until you are ready for a touch up tan.


  • No Smell
  • No Fragrance
  • Not Sticky
  • Will NOT Turn Orange

We charge $50 for a spray tan and $10 for exfoliation

Call and make your appointment today and beat the winter blues with a golden glow that makes you look like you went away, even if you didn’t!  If you are going away, it is the perfect way to feel confident on the beach in your bathing suit until you get some of your own natural color!  We look forward to seeing you!  xoxo