Is Your Hair Color Aging You?

We may not have discovered the fountain of youth, but there are so many things we can do to look our best as we age.  It is a fact that good skin care, such as protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and using high quality products with retinols, vitamin C and hyaluronic acids can shave years off.  Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water also is key to looking fab through the years.  But did you know that the wrong hair color can also either add years or take years off?  Here are some things to keep in mind, and of course, consulting with one of our talented hair pros is highly recommended, as they will be able to determine the perfect color based on your skin tone, eye color, and they will also take into account the natural shade of hair color you were born with (which is usually perfect).  So read on for our tips…..

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Going Too Dark:

Going too dark can sap color from your face.  As we age we need to keep the shade rich, such as a beautiful chestnut, caramel, multidimensional brown or soft copper depending on your skin tone.  Hair that is too dark can look opague or have the “shoe polish” look.  Adding in some balayage or highlights will brighten your face.

Going Too Light or Ashy:

Blonde is beautiful but very ashy shades can appear to be gray and age you.  Butter, golden blonde or cool blonde shades without ash are best. There is a fine line between too warm and too cool.  As we age our skin gets more sallow so adding a few free form strokes of balayage around your face can “wake up” your whole face.

Healthy Hair Matters:

Just as picking the right shade of color matters, so does having healthy hair.  Over coloring, using the wrong products (harsh shampoos, sprays or products with drying alcohol) and washing hair too often can make hair dried and fried.  Even if you pick the perfect shade of hair color, it will not look great on abused hair.

Go To The Pros

Our hair pros are highly trained and the best in the industry.  Years of training and experience are behind each and every one of our talented team members.  Their advice:  Priceless!  Book a consultation with one of them and rest assured, you will love your hair!  From color, cut and care, they are here to make your locks look spectacular!

Here’s to good hair days…. xoxo


4 Reasons Your Hair Color is Fading Too Fast

We know how great it feels the day you get your hair color refreshed by touching up the roots, perhaps adding highlights or balayage, or even daring to try a whole new color!  You’ve taken the time and paid good money for professional color, so shouldn’t you make it a point to keep it looking fabulous by taking steps to avoid fading those tresses?  We think so (and we know do too!).  Here are 4 reasons your hair color is fading too fast:

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  1.  USING THE WRONG SHAMPOO:  Sulfates are your hair’s enemy!  Many shampoos on the market are full of harsh detergents and sulfates which can strip your lovely color.  You’ve invested in your hair with professional color so make sure to use shampoos that are free of these harsh ingredients.
  2. DAMAGED HAIR:  Overprocessed hair damages the cuticle of your hair.  When hair is damaged the cuticle does not seal down and the color escapes from the unsealed cuticle.  It is so important not to over use flat irons and curling irons and to have a professional color your hair using high quality products that are gentler on your locks!  Take the time to talk with your hairdresser about the products and services that can prevent more damage.
  3. WASHING HAIR TOO OFTEN:  This is another reason color fades.  Washing hair too much strips color, even if you use a sulfate free shampoo.  Your hair color will look better longer and your hair will be healthier if you go longer between shampoos.
  4. SUNSHINE:  You may love the feeling of the warm sunshine but those UV rays are fading your hair color faster, not to mention how drying those rays can be!  What steps to take?  First, use hair products that offer SPF protection and second, find a great looking hat to completely block the sun’s UV rays.  Even a little sun exposure to your hair each day can add up and fade color.

Your hair color can look beautiful longer by taking these simple steps.