Perfect Eyebrows are Only a Brush Away

If you are over the age of 40,  you probably have at some point succumbed to over plucking those eyebrows, to obtain once in fashion, pencil thin eyebrows!  Not only are they so passe’, but super thin eyebrows make you look older than your years!  Full, lush eyebrows are youthful, but how do you achieve that look?


First off, get a professional to shape your brows and show you where they should start (directly above the inner eye), where they should end, and where your arch should be.  We have professionals who can help you achieve the perfect face framing brow!  Second, we are so in love with Revitalash’s Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel!  This amazing little tube of wonder instantly gives you the look of fuller, more defined, beautiful brows!  It contains peptide and oat beta glucan which helps fortify, condition and enhance the appearance of dramatic brows.  It is smudge-proof and helps fill in thin, sparse brows.  It also tames unruly brows with a soft, flexible hold using soft-flex polymer technology.  Simply pull off the overcap from the styling brush, using the comb side, shape and align hairs with short, upward strokes.  Replace cap, then twist and pull tinted brow gel from the other end.  Again, using short, upward strokes, apply the tinted gel to eyebrows, moving from the inner to outer edge of brows.  You can apply a second coat to any areas that appear more sparse for added fullness and volume.  Use the styling brush after application to sculpt, blend and smooth.  Voila!  Instant youthful, gorgeous, enviable brows!  Your perfect eyebrows are only a brush away!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.39.48 PMCall for your appointment and make the most of your brows!  You’ll be amazed at how the right shape and fullness of your brows can take years off!

Happy Saturday!  Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo



Beat The Winter Blues With Our Organic Spray Tan

We are smack in the middle of February, and Spring seems too far away!  If you are fortunate enough to be taking a mid-winter getaway to a beautiful warm weather destination with sunny skies, warm temps and gorgeous blue water, then lucky you! You may be feeling self conscious about donning a bathing suit, feeling a bit pasty and white (if you are jetting off somewhere!).  We don’t blame you!  A subtle golden tan with glowing moisturized skin makes everyone feel more confident!  However, even if you are not jetting off to some exotic location, your skin by this time of year is dry and parched, and any color from tanning has long faded!


We all know that actually sitting out in the sun to tan is not healthy for your skin, as it causes wrinkles and dries out skin, not to mention the possibility of getting a bad sunburn or worse, skin cancer!  So what to do?  We have the answer …….. Our Organic Spray Tan!

With our organic tan, wrinkles and other skin problems look better.  Why?  Because our spray tanning binds the moisture in the skin and repairs skin cells that have been damaged by previous sun rays.  Our organic spray tanning is made up or 100% natural ingredients.  This means no parabens, synthetic colours, alcohol, oil, perfume or odor (it is also gluten free and hypoallergenic!)  Our spray tan is vegan as well so all you come out with is beautiful natural color without any harmful UV rays!



  1. Call and make your appointment!  We are offering 20% off your first Organic Spray Tan (we know you’ll love it!).
  2. We encourage you to exfoliate your skin.  We offer that in our spa for a charge of $10.  You are welcome to do it at home, but please do not use anything that is oily.
  3. Arrive at your appointment with an extra pair of loose fitting clothing, no bra and nothing white (this is to go home in).
  4. We ask that you do NOT wear makeup, no deodorant and no moisturizer. These things can affect the outcome of your spray tan.  You can always put deodorant on afterwards.


  • Please arrive on time for your appointment so we can get you situated and ready for your summer glow!
  • First, you will be exfoliated with a scrub made from crushed pecan shells and Vitamins E and A, which removes dead skin for a perfect glow and reveals fresh new skin cells.  Exfoliation ensures an even glow!
  • You will be given a disposable bikini on bottom (for men).  Ladies you can bring your own suit or use the disposables bikini top and bottoms we offer here at the spa.
  • You will then enter a room with an open black booth where you will stand so you can receive a perfect, seamless tan.  Our professional, Zeenat will spray on your tan by hand, which takes about 15 minutes.
  • Once done, you can get dressed in your comfortable clothes.  Then all you have to do is wait to see your tan glow slowly evolve into a gorgeous “beach girl” look.


  1.  To prolong your tan use a moisturizer DHA infused which will make your tan last longer and help it to fade evenly.
  2. We recommend NOT using exfoliators in between your tan, until you are ready for a touch up tan.


  • No Smell
  • No Fragrance
  • Not Sticky
  • Will NOT Turn Orange

We charge $50 for a spray tan and $10 for exfoliation

Call and make your appointment today and beat the winter blues with a golden glow that makes you look like you went away, even if you didn’t!  If you are going away, it is the perfect way to feel confident on the beach in your bathing suit until you get some of your own natural color!  We look forward to seeing you!  xoxo

Andrew and Dee’s Love Story


With Valentine’s Day arriving tomorrow, we thought we would share with you the very special love story of our Owners, Andrew and Dee Stefanou!

Dee was born right here in Fairfield County, Connecticut where she attended The National Academy of Cosmetology in Stamford, Connecticut.  After graduating, she went on to specialize in the art of makeup, where she won several awards for design and makeup (she’s way too humble to tell you this stuff, so we had to pry it out of her!).  Dee worked in New York City at several very upscale salons and ended up landing a job at Noelle Day Spa in Stamford, Connecticut.

Cut to Andrew:

Beautiful Cyprus! We would love to be here instead of sitting in 10 degree temps!

Andrew was born and raised in Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coasts of Syria and Turkey.  He attended school there through high school, where he received an outstanding education, as Cyprus is known for their high quality of schooling.  Andrew left Cyprus to attend Fordham University in New York and graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics.  After graduation he landed a position at a high-end salon and spa in Stamford, Connecticut.  What salon and spa?  Hmmmnn, well of course the same one Dee was working at!  This is where he first spotted the love of his life!  It was instant attraction and love at first sight (especially for Andrew, and who could blame him?!).  These lovebirds began dating exclusively in 1991 and subsequently tied the knot 5 years later!  It wasn’t long before their first child, a beautiful baby girl arrived, whom they named Alexandria.  Two years later they welcomed their handsome son, Theo and this family of four settled into life in Connecticut.


Dee and Andrew decided to open their own salon and spa in 2011 with a very special concept!  Their vision was a serene, elegant, welcoming spa and salon, where they would only employ the very best talent in every area of their business.  Dee and Andrew’s vision was that each person walking into their salon and spa feel the warmth and kindness they exude (as well as each professional team member), and also know that they were receiving the very best service from their talented and professional team!  They both wanted to differentiate themselves from other spas in the area, and offer clients a medical grade spa (not all spas are created equal!), as well as to be a “cutting edge” salon that keeps up on all the latest in procedures, techniques and products.  Their salon and spa would also be affiliated with a top Plastic Surgeon, with whom they would work with to give clients the entire package.  Today they are affiliated with Dr. Frederic Newman of The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Darien.

These lovebirds will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and Andrew, ever the romantic will whisk his love off to an exotic, romantic destination (as he does every year!) where they can rest, rejuvenate and rekindle!  Dee shows Andrew her love and kindness every night by cooking him dinner, even after a long 12 to 14 hour day (now, that’s love!). Though they spend long hours together at work, and spend what little “free” time they have with each other as well, this beautiful couple manages to juggle it all, and still be each others Valentine year after year!

Happy Valentine’s Day Andrew and Dee!






6 Beauty Trends For Spring 2016

There were so many different looks on the runways for Spring 2016! Designers like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Tory Burch’s models glowed with that California girl feel.  Other designers presented models with bright candy apple colored lips (Jason Wu), a bit of concealer and nothing else!  Of course, there was the usual over-the-top hair and makeup for major drama; but not something you will see walking through your local mall!  The trends we loved from the shows were ones we could see sporting ourselves!  Here are the 6 beauty trends for Spring 2016 that we are loving!

VIBRANT LIPS:  Bold colored lips in pink, orange and candy apple red.


THE BLUES: Shades of blues in eye shadow’s and liners from pale blue to navy were everywhere, some done very subtle and others more dramatic.  The looks we liked were smoky and blended to perfection.  Seen too was a bit of sparkle, perfect for a night out on the town!


BRONZE BEAUTY: At Balmain’s fashion show, models were bronzed with makeup for a fresh, bronzed glow.  Want something that lasts a bit longer and doesn’t cause sun damage?  Try out our Organic Spray Tan (more to come on that in our next blog!).

EASY FUSS FREE HAIR:  Loose beach waves, low easy buns, single braids, ponytails and rope twists (simple to do… divide hair in two sections and twist each section clockwise while twisting both.  Secure with a tie) were seen on the beauties strutting down the runway

Loose Beachy Waves


LONG DRAMATIC LASHES AND FULL EYEBROWS:  Beautiful long, dramatic lashes were seen in so many of the shows and as you know we love, love, love long lashes!  Be sure to curl your lashes and wiggle your mascara wand as you apply to the lashes to get good coverage.  Want fuss free lashes?  Try our amazing Eyelash Extensions which will transform your peepers in a flash!

Eyebrows were bold and full (none of the over plucking of the 1980’s!).  Fuller eyebrows present a more youthful appearance (a big plus!).


Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day! xoxo




The Perfect Gift For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day a mere 10 days away, we would like to present to you three very special pampering specials from us to you!  Choose from the Red Heart or Pink Heart specials which we know she will love! Want to add a lot of romance?   Our Double Heart Express will have you and your honey feeling relaxed and looking fabulous as you go dine at a candlelit restaurant!  Of course you can always design your own special package with the treatments you know your sweetheart will love.

With all the day to day stress of every day life, we don’t know what could be better than giving a gift that pampers and relaxes your loved one!  Celebrate love with us February 12th, 13th and 14th, as we serve up red or white wine and strawberries drizzled with decadent white chocolate while getting pampered!  xoxo

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.54.09 AM


Welcome To Our Blog

We are so excited to be launching our blog which will cover new spa and beauty treatments, the latest and greatest products, the newest hair, fashion and beauty trends, our events or promotions, and lots of other fabulous info for beauty from the inside out!

We would like to thank you, our wonderful clients, who are a pleasure to work with, and who make our jobs something we look forward to each day!  With that said, we always appreciate feedback from you, and would encourage you to let us know what you would love to read about on our blog.

Look for our blog this week about our special Valentine’s Packages for your honey, or for the both of you!

With our sincere thanks and love,

Dee and Andrew xoxo