7 Tips For Beautiful Nails

Our hands are on display everyday for the world to see.  We eat with them, write with them, work with them, and do so many other things with them. It is important to take good care of them, and that also includes your nails. Your hands and nails need hydration and moisture just like your face and the rest of your body does.  We tend to not pay as much attention to caring for them, but they are (other than the eyes) one of the first places we see the first signs of aging.  What can you do to better care for them?  Here are 7 tips for beautiful nails —

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Mind Your Cuticles:  Your cuticles are important, as they function to protect your nails from bacteria so gently push them back.  Only cut hanging cuticles and be careful not to over-snip!  Use an exfoliating cuticle treatment and massage a good cuticle oil in to hydrate for smoother, softer cuticles.

Supplement:  Adding a supplement like biotin to your daily routine will strengthen nails (and hair too!), but always check with your doctor first.

Eat Healthy:  Stock that fridge and pantry with foods rich in protein and vitamin E.  Both are great for nails.  Protein rich foods include meat, fish, cheeses and eggs.  Foods high in vitamin E include almonds, wheat germ, avocados and dark leafy greens, just to name a few.

Hydrate:  Just like your skin needs hydration, your nails do too.  Drink plenty of water each day.  If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a squeeze of lemon.

Regular Manicures:  Professional manicures are not only great for your nails but are relaxing too!  When someone is working on your nails you can’t be texting or using technology, so it’s a good time to just decompress and chill out!

Protect:  Protect your nails by wearing gloves while doing dishes or other housework that requires using detergents or harsh house cleaning products.  Also, never use your nails as tools to pry things open, etc..

Keep an Emery Board in Your Bag:  Toss an emery board in your handbag (or wallet, if you change handbags often) so you always have one, in case you need to file a nail on the go.

Try these simple tips for nails to envy!

P.S. We are loving these great new nail colors from Essie’s fall 2016 collection!

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4 Reasons Your Hair Color is Fading Too Fast

We know how great it feels the day you get your hair color refreshed by touching up the roots, perhaps adding highlights or balayage, or even daring to try a whole new color!  You’ve taken the time and paid good money for professional color, so shouldn’t you make it a point to keep it looking fabulous by taking steps to avoid fading those tresses?  We think so (and we know do too!).  Here are 4 reasons your hair color is fading too fast:

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  1.  USING THE WRONG SHAMPOO:  Sulfates are your hair’s enemy!  Many shampoos on the market are full of harsh detergents and sulfates which can strip your lovely color.  You’ve invested in your hair with professional color so make sure to use shampoos that are free of these harsh ingredients.
  2. DAMAGED HAIR:  Overprocessed hair damages the cuticle of your hair.  When hair is damaged the cuticle does not seal down and the color escapes from the unsealed cuticle.  It is so important not to over use flat irons and curling irons and to have a professional color your hair using high quality products that are gentler on your locks!  Take the time to talk with your hairdresser about the products and services that can prevent more damage.
  3. WASHING HAIR TOO OFTEN:  This is another reason color fades.  Washing hair too much strips color, even if you use a sulfate free shampoo.  Your hair color will look better longer and your hair will be healthier if you go longer between shampoos.
  4. SUNSHINE:  You may love the feeling of the warm sunshine but those UV rays are fading your hair color faster, not to mention how drying those rays can be!  What steps to take?  First, use hair products that offer SPF protection and second, find a great looking hat to completely block the sun’s UV rays.  Even a little sun exposure to your hair each day can add up and fade color.

Your hair color can look beautiful longer by taking these simple steps.



Environ’s New Revival Masque for Gorgeous Skin

We are so proud to carry only the finest of skin care products in our spa which includes SkinCeuticals, Sothys from Paris and Environ.  Environ has a new arrival, their Revival Masque, which they are branding as their “miracle facelift in a jar”!  This wondrous little masque packs a powerful punch with intense alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid, asiatic acid and mandelic acids.  Here are what these three alpha hydroxy acids can do for your skin:

  1. Triggers growth factors which assists in boosting collagen formation.
  2. Skin that appears firmer and smoother
  3. Skin that is more hydrated
  4. Helps improve uneven skin tone
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.06.54 PM
Environ’s Revival Masque

To use:

  1. Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products
  2. Apply masque in a thin layer for 10 minutes, 2 times a week.  If skin is comfortable then progress to 20 minutes, 2 times a week.  If skin is still comfortable, leave product on overnight for an intensive treatment.
  3. For best results, use in conjunction with Environ vitamin A creams.

Get ready for some compliments on your glowing skin!

Perfect Brows With Microblading

We are so very excited to announce that we now offer microblading in our medical grade spa!  Our licensed Esthetician, Anna, received extensive training and is certified in this amazing procedure which will have you loving those brows once again!

Eyebrows are such an important part of the look of your face and the wrong shape, over-plucking, or complete loss of the brow can have a huge impact on your look.  That is where microblading comes in!   What is microblading?  Read on….

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique where colored pigment is manually deposited into the skin with the use of a special hand tool.  This hand tool has a small grouping of needles which penetrate the superficial layers of the dermis, implanting color.  Each hair-like stroke is meticulously stroked on to give the realistic appearance of hair.  It is safe, relatively painless and permanent.

Cosmetician making permanent eyebrow make up for beautiful girl. Eyebrow tattoo. Close up.
Microblading Technique. Photo: Deposit Photos
Lovely girl with dark brown hair fixed behind, blue big eyes, thick eyebrows and naked shoulders looking at camera, a model with light nude make-up, gray background.
Eyebrows frame the face and thicker brows exude a youthful appearance. Photo: Deposit Photos

Is it Painful?

No.  We apply a numbing cream and gel prior to the procedure so you will experience only minor discomfort, somewhat like plucking your eyebrows.

Who is a Good Candidate?

This procedure is perfect for anyone who has experienced eyebrow thinning or complete loss from medical reasons such as Cancer or from thinning due to age or over-plucking.

How Long Does it Last?

The pigment is deposited into the skin and is smudge-proof, waterproof and sweat-proof.  Touch ups are recommended once a year.  Best thing is being able to toss that eyebrow pencil out and not to have to worry about smudges or smearing, not to mention the amount of time it will save you in your beauty routine!

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The procedure is done with the utmost precision with light feather-like hair strokes so the look is completely natural.   This takes from 2+ hours.

After your first appointment we have you come back after 6 weeks so we can see how your skin took to the pigment and we can make any adjustments, refine symmetry and detail.  During this follow up visit we may adjust the color or design.  Our goal is to have you loving your new brows!

How Much Does it Cost?

We recommend that you schedule a free consultation to discuss your individual needs, as prices vary depending on what is involved.

Microblading is a fabulous way to get back the brows you used to have or get the brows you’ve always wanted!  No more eye pencils, powders or gels to fill in brows or draw them on!  Give us a call and schedule your free consultation with Anna at 203-656-5656.


Skin Care By The Decade

You may change jobs, places you live, your clothes and lots of other things during your lifetime but the one thing that will stay with you to the end is your skin!  Our belief:  It is never, ever too early to take care of your skin! Did you also know that most of the sun damage we get is before the age of 20?  That is why it is so very important to apply sunscreen from early on in life.  Yes, genes do have some factor in how we age, but it is proven that lifestyle can and does change the outcome, depending on how well (or not so well) you have cared for your skin.  These are some good guidelines for your skin.  Here is skin care by the decade:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.41.13 PM

Skin Care in Your 20’s:   

  • Remove your makeup every night (no exceptions!):  It is so important to be sure to remove makeup before heading off to bed!  Makeup, oils and dirt will clog pores which can lead to breakouts and lackluster skin.
  • Use a moisturizer with sunscreen every day:  Find a moisturizer for your particular skin type that contains a sunscreen to protect skin from the harsh rays of the sun.  We get sun exposure daily even if you are not sitting at the beach!
  • Get in the habit of drinking water:  Water is cleansing and hydrating. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon makes it even more so!  Keeping skin hydrated is key to good skin.
  • Think about adding a supplement like Biotin to your diet (NOTE:  ALWAYS check with your doctor prior to taking any supplement) which is great for hair, skin and nails.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.15.43 PM

Skin Care in Your 30’s:

  • Continue with the regimen above.
  • Facials:  Facials are beneficial at any age!  We have facials of all types, including:  Vitamin Therapy Facials, Facials for Young Adults and our Signature Facial just to name a few!  Treat your skin to some love with one that is right for you!
  • Add Vitamin C and A:   Skin begins to lose elasticity in your 30’s so being proactive is key!  Using products packed with Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Vitamin A (retinoids) are backed by science.  These little wonders are great for thickening skin, producing more collagen, and helping with discolorations and adding brightness.  We have fabulous skin care lines from Sothys, SkinCeuticals and Environ that contain these vitamins.  Ask our Estheticians which is right for you!
  • Using injectables is a personal decision:  Each of us has the right to decide if using injectables is right for our skin.  If you do decide to use them it is imperative that you see a trained doctor!  There are a lot of offers for inexpensive Botox and fillers and you get what you pay for!  We are proud to have our Medical Director, Dr. Fredric Newman, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, affiliated with us to provide injectables so the look is beautiful and natural.  Fillers and Botox are a great addition to your skin care to prevent scowl lines between eyebrows, crows feet, or forehead lines.  If you do decide to go ahead with it you will be treated in Dr. Newman’s medical office located only blocks away from us!  Again, this is a personal decision and one that you must decide is right for you.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.13.43 PM
Sothys Skin Care

Skin Care in Your 40’s and 50’s:

  • Continue with the regimen’s above
  • Try Anti-aging Facials:  Our Ultimate Vitamin Therapy Facial is a luxurious treatment with intense penetration of vitamins.  Our Roll Away the Years Treatment is an extraordinary treatment for aging skin and our Oxygen Facial delivers pure oxygen with 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.
  • Menopause in women causes hormone levels to drop and this in turn makes skin even drier, less elastic and cell turnover slows significantly. Skin care during this time is essential and the use of the proper skin care products is extremely important to have skin looking it’s best!
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.29.23 PM
Environ Skin Care

Skin Care 60’s and Beyond:

  • Continue a good skin care regimen like above and don’t think that it’s okay to stop the sunscreen!  Sunscreen and good skin care are a life long commitment, not only to avoid wrinkles but wearing sunscreen daily is a proactive choice to keep skin cancer at bay.
  • Love your beautiful self!  Can we be any clearer?  Love and kindness towards yourself and others and a zest and joy for life make you fabulous no matter what your age!

Have a beautiful day!  xoxo

DISCLAIMER:  This is not intended to be medical advice.  Always check with your doctor prior to using Vitamin A, Vitamin C or any supplement whether it is taken internally or used externally.  Pregnant women should always consult a doctor as well.

Your Summer Beach Bag Essentials

What better way to spend a hot, humid day than at the beach?  A day at the beach can almost act like a mini vacation, away from the stress of work and home!  Gather up your favorite pals, pack up a cooler filled with healthy eats and yummy drinks, and head out to the clean ocean air!  Dig out that beach bag and fill it with all your summer beach bag essentials!  Here are our faves to bring for a fun filled and relaxing day lounging about and cooling off!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.20.43 AM

SUNSCREEN:  Save your beautiful skin by using a good quality sunscreen whenever you will be outside!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.37.48 AM
We LOVE SkinCeuticals products and their sunscreens are no exception! Their Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen is weightless and water resistant. Enhanced with plankton extract and broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen protection.
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.38.16 AM
SkinCeuticals Matte UV Defense provides high broad spectrum UV protection. This fabulous product also maintains a matte finish even in hot, humid conditions. It’s weightless mousse texture dries to a powder finish.

SHADE YOUR PEEPERS:  Like your skin, your eyes need sun protection as well.  Not all sunglasses are created equal either!  Choose a reputable brand that offers good eye protection!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.53.09 AM
Rayban’s Aviators are a classic!

PROTECT YOUR HAIR:  Like skin and eyes, hair also can take a beating from the harsh rays of the sun.  Protect your hair with a stylish hat or keep it under wraps with a pretty scarf!

We’ve got fun hats and scarves to keep your hair color looking great!

DITCH THE SAME OLD RECTANGULAR BEACH TOWEL:  Add something different to your summer beach getaway with a round beach towel!


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.37.56 AM
Round beach towel available at Nordstrom Rack.

Treat Your Feet to Our Signature Pedicure

Your feet work hard every day and if you are a woman you know the toll that high heels can take on your tootsies!  That is why we have created our very special Stefanou Signature Pedicure that pampers your feet like no other!  What will you experience when you treat your feet to this luxurious pedicure?  Read on….

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.31.26 PM

MARINE MINERAL BATH:  Your pedicure begins with a stimulating mineral foot bath to soften and reduce inflammation.  Minerals born from the sea help relieve discomfort of swollen feet.  Cuticles are gently pushed back and callouses are smoothed preparing feet for a perfect pedi!

GREEN TEA SCRUB:  Our gentle green tea scrub polishes and conditions skin on your feet and calves, removing dead skin cells.

HYDRATING MARINE COOLING MASQUE:  This luxurious masque contains hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clay and soothing botanicals for soft exhilarated feet.

DEEP MOISTURIZING LEG AND FOOT MASSAGE:  You will experience a relaxing leg and foot massage with a deep moisturizing cream.  A warm hot towel is used to remove excess cream, relax, and leave your feet and calves soft and glowing.

DEEP PENETRATING ALMOND OIL:  After we have polished your nails almond oil is sprayed on your cuticles to penetrate deep and add softness and moisture.

You will experience all of this pampering while sipping lemon water, listening to soothing music, and sitting back in our comfortable and relaxing massage chairs that melt the stress of every day worries away!

Call to book your appointment and treat those hard working tootsies to some pampering!  203-656-5656



Product Spotlight: SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore

Today we are showcasing SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore, a product that improves the look of skin fullness, texture, skin evenness, overall radiance, hydration and pore appearance.  SkinCeuticals is a brand we truly believe in, and our estheticians are trained in product knowledge and offer amazing facials using this fabulous line!  Schedule your appointment and embrace your skin with luxury backed by science!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.05.45 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.06.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.05.11 PM


10 Fashion & Beauty Tips We Love

We, of course, are totally hooked on everything to do with beauty – hair, nails, makeup, beautiful skin…. We are also in love with fashion and are constantly combing through Vogue, Bazaar, In Style and other magazines for ideas on taking our style to new levels!

You have the perfect haircut, color and your nails are looking impeccable, but now what?  How do you pack a fashion and beauty punch and stand out as a style and beauty guru?  It’s not that difficult to master!  Taking these 10 fashion and beauty tips we love is a good start to upping the ante!  Sometimes it’s just a little tweak here and there, like adding a bright colored accessory, penciling in your brows differently or layering on necklaces!  Here are a few of our faves!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.39.12 AM

  1. ACCESSORIZE WITH BRIGHTS:  Closet full of neutrals?  Add some punch with bold colored shoes and handbags.
  2. THROW ON A SCARF:  Long skinny scarves are very hot right now but any scarf is one of the best accessories around!  Little scarves tied around the neck are a Parisian woman’s favorite right now!
  3. LAYER YOUR NECKLACES LIKE COCO CHANEL:  Coco was definitely on to something!  Make a statement with multiple strands of pearls for instance.  Instant glamour that elevates a simple little black dress (the LBD)!
  4. MIX IT UP BY PAIRING FEMININE WITH EDGY:  Pair a leather skirt with a feminine lace top for instance.  Mixing classic clothes with edgier more trendy pieces looks fresh and new.
  5. FRAME YOUR PEEPERS:  Gone are the overly arched brows that we have seen in recent years!  Instead of going for an arch, pencil your brows in with the thickness in the front, in line with the corners of your eyes.  Then pluck stray hairs under the arch and from below the tail so the brow extends outward instead of down, which can make your eyes look droopy.  The shape to go for now is a fresh-faced, straight, boyish style.
  6. ELONGATE YOUR TORSO:  Short torso?  No problem!  Sport a V-neck top which gives the illusion of a longer torso!
  7. HIGHLIGHT AND CONTOUR:  Use illuminating highlighting powder or stick to accentuate under the brow bone, on your cheekbones or anywhere you want to “pop”.  Conversely, add contour under cheekbones in the hollows to add definition.  Remember light colors come forward and dark colors recede.  Need a makeup lesson?  We’ve got that!  Call and book your appointment with Dee who will guide you through the ins and outs of everything makeup!  Knowing how to do your makeup properly to enhance your own individual features is key to looking and feeling great in any setting!
  8. ADD A PAIR OF GREAT HOOPS TO YOUR JEWELRY COLLECTION:  Hoops are a classic that every woman should own.  Choose the right shape hoop for your face – for a thin face, go for larger round hoops.  Round faces look best with an elongated hoop or drop style.
  9. WANT LONGER LOOKING LEGS?  Try nude colored pumps with that LBD!  Wearing pumps the same color as your skin gives the illusion of your legs looking longer!
  10. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A SILK PILLOWCASE:  A silk pillowcase is gentler on your skin (helping to prevent “sleep crease”) and your hair!


Presenting Our Gold Coast Pamper Me Package

We are so excited to have won Moffley Media’s Best of The Gold Coast for Best Women’s Salon and Best Colorist – Darien!  We want to thank all of you who took the time to vote for us, as we are truly grateful and appreciative!  We would also like to thank our amazing and talented group of professionals for their hard work and dedication, without whom we could not have won!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.43.21 AM

To celebrate we would like to present to you our Gold Coast Pamper Me Package.  This blissful package includes:

  • Exotic Salt Glow and Body Bronzing
  • SkinCeuticals Brightening Taster Facial
  • Gold Coast Manicure
  • Gold Coast Pedicure
  • Sheer Bliss Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Stefanou Signature Blow Dry                            $299

This package is sure to be the perfect way to unwind, relax, and try our SkinCeuticals line of skin care too!

Again, our thanks for your votes!

xoxo Dee and Andrew